Slide Packages
In-house and Online Workplace Training

£695 + VAT

  • Interactive and informative course
  • Identifying understanding and managing menopause
  • Promoting wellbeing diversity and inclusion
  • Practical tips and advice on self-help and workplace changes
  • Legal obligations
  • Helping your business attract and retain staff
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Business and Personal Mentoring


  • Set and achieve goals
  • Understand triggers and motivations
  • Learn new leadership skills
  • Develop strategies
  • Build resilience
  • Overcome challenges
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Online Courses

£129 + VAT

  • Understanding the menopause
  • The impact on the workplace
  • What employers can do to help
  • Practical tips and advice
  • Flexible training
  • Personal development
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Menopause Drop-in Sessions


  • Cost effective and time efficient support
  • Informal and relaxed sessions
  • Introduce as part of your company wellbeing programme
  • Small group sessions
  • Access to resources
  • Confidential support
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In-house and Online

Workplace Workshops

The menopause is misunderstood and often goes unspoken about in the workplace. From fear of not making a promotion to being judged, women are not opening up about the impact menopause symptoms are having on their jobs. But with the right support, guidance and some practical tips, that can all change.

Change it Up will work alongside you to plan and deliver a course that will leave your managers feeling confident to act and openly discuss any menopause issues, and your staff feeling supported and understood.

In-house and Online

Business mentoring

If you have recently been promoted, taken on extra responsibilities or looking for that next level of leadership skills, our business mentoring sessions are for you! We work together to develop strategies, build confidence and resilience and embrace a positive and effective leadership style.

We identify your strengths and barriers, question your inner voice and help you develop an action plan to set personal and professional goals.

Our 6 week course is designed to identify, prioritise, understand and develop. Once taught, those skills can be implemented immediately, benefiting you, your colleagues and your business.

1 Hour Online Course

Our downloadable course gives your business the flexibility to raise awareness of menopause in the workplace. From understanding what menopause is and the impact symptoms have in the workplace, this cost efficient course will promote an open and healthy workplace culture, provide information and advice to all staff, and give managers and business owners practical advice.

Menopause Drop-in Support

Our drop-in sessions offer businesses an informal and relaxed choice of support. They are open to anyone within the business. From those experiencing symptoms, to those who have friends, family members or colleagues they would like to support.

The sessions provide time for a 1-2-1 confidential chat over a coffee and are time efficient, with each appointment usually lasting 15 minutes.

The sessions can provide access to resources, information regarding stages and symptoms of menopause, an opportunity to speak with someone who will listen and understand along with providing positive actions and self-help tips.

It is a very cost effective and time efficient way to provide menopause support with limited disruption.