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Having tools and resources all in one place can make life a little easier, especially if you are struggling with fatigue or any psychological  symptoms. We have tracker sheets and symptom questionnaires you can download that help you identify your symptoms so you can take positive action or look for support.

Symptoms questionnaire

Do you know all the symptoms of menopause? It’s not a test, but it’s a fact that many women don’t actually know when they are peri-menopausal and put their symptoms down to other factors in life. The menopausal journey is different for everyone, some women experiencing very few symptoms whilst others experience psychological and/or physical symptoms. Take time to identify your symptoms and the impact they are having. Then it’s time for positive action.


tracker sheet

Sometimes it’s impossible to keep track of menopause symptoms and look for trends, but help is here. Our Symptoms tracker sheet helps you record your symptoms each day so you can easily track trends and identify the most troublesome symptoms. Download our tracker sheet here.


Sex and vaginal symptoms questionnaire

So let’s get it out there, let’s talk about sex. For whatever reason, sex is something many women do not talk about but talking about sex may be just what you need. During perimenopause and beyond, many women experience a range of symptoms making sex difficult. Download our questionnaire to see if your sex life is being affected.



Incontinence could possibly be the least spoken about symptom of all. Many women experience incontinence around the time of menopause which has a significant impact on daily life. It is a medical condition and not something you should feel embarrassed about and there are treatments available. Download our Bladder Diary to keep track of your symptoms.



NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guideline: Menopause: diagnosis and management.

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BMS Menopause

BMS (British Menopause Society): Find a menopause specialist.

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