Slide I’m not letting the menopause pause my life – and neither should you! I created Change it Up! because it was something I was looking for myself, a space where I could find the information I needed along with practical advice and options for support. Change it Up is a community, something you feel part of, a positive space to reach out for support.

Change it up provides workplace menopause training delivered to your business in-house or online. Each course is tailored to your business needs enabling everyone to identify and understand menopause and provide the right support.

A little about me

Last year I decided to change my career from a manager of a law firm for nearly twenty years to the founder and owner of Change it Up. After experiencing debilitating psychological menopause symptoms and realising I wasn’t alone, I wanted to reach out to women and businesses to help others navigate their journey.

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Managing Menopause

First things first, you need to identify what stage of menopause you are at and which symptoms are having a big impact on your daily life. Our ‘Managing Menopause’ page is full of known and less known menopause symptoms and each provides information and practical action points. Our ‘Menopause Resources’ page has free, downloadable tracker and questionnaire sheets to identify and pinpoint issues. These can then be taken to your healthcare provider to ensure you get the correct support.


Our confidence can take a hit during menopause, with many women feeling isolated, embarrassed to chat about personal symptoms and even ashamed. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right support at the right level, we can help you can grow in confidence, feel empowered and get back to feeling like you again.