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Change it up provides specialist workplace menopause training to organisations, large and small throughout the UK. Our workshops give everyone the confidence and skills to identify and understand menopause and provide meaningful and practical support.

Change it up delivering workplace menopause awareness training.

Out and about training

I love delivering my training in-house where I can really engage and interact with the attendees. It helps create a safe and trusting environment where everyone feels comfortable opening up about their own experience of menopause, or someone they have or want to support.

It’s about educating employers of the impact of menopause and raising awareness of symptoms, which can be the difference between retaining or losing experienced and valued employees.

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Workplace Menopause Training

Our aim is to give your employees the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to address any menopause issues. From helping your employees identify menopause symptoms to what workplace menopause support looks like.

We cover the science behind menopause: what it means, why it happens, what the stages are and what changes the employer and employees can make to help alleviate symptoms.

We provide management training, men and menopause sessions and menopause champion courses.

Delivering my workplace menopause awareness training to a tech company based in Cheshire. The course was men and women, online and in-house, which worked really well at ensuring my training reached everyone.

Managing Menopause

First things first, you need to identify what stage of menopause you are at and which symptoms are having a big impact on your daily life.

Our ‘Managing Menopause’ page is full of well known and less known menopause symptoms and each symptom provides information and practical action points.

Our ‘Menopause Resources’ page has free, downloadable tracker, symptoms and questionnaire sheets to help identify and pinpoint issues. These are great to have for meetings with line managers or HR departments. They can also be used at home to take to your GP or healthcare provider to ensure your get the right support.

Relaxing away from the stresses of life. Being outdoors with nature which helps reduce my menopause symptoms.