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   Change it up

Hi, I’m
Kayley Wilson!

Last year I decided to change my career from a manager of a law firm for nearly twenty years to become the founder and owner of Change it up. After experiencing debilitating psychological menopause symptoms that came completely out of the blue and at times left me unable to leave the house or be alone, I looked for answers. I found a lack of support and understanding, stigma and misinformation, making finding the answers seem impossible. But it wasn’t impossible! I had to dig deep, find trusted sources and do months of research. I now want to share my knowledge to increase awareness and provide support through workplace training.


There are 13 million menopausal women in the UK. 80% of women will experience symptoms and 25% will have severe symptoms. Many women feel a lack of awareness and support in the workplace, leaving them isolated and struggling with unmanageable symptoms. This affects their career and pay prospects as they bypass promotions, reduce their working hours or walk away from their jobs.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We provide training for managers, HR teams, men and women, young and old to raise awareness of menopause, so everyone can recognise the symptoms and take positive action. We give your staff the knowledge they need to act with confidence on any menopause issues. This helps businesses retain female staff, reduces recruitment fees and promotes an open, diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Why Change it up

Change it up is about making positive changes through increased knowledge and awareness. This leads to improved confidence and empowerment for all.

Change it up specialises in workplace training, providing your team with the tools they need to confidently address any menopause issues. 

The pause

I stumbled into the menopause not giving it a second thought and why would I? Nobody had ever told me scary stories about it, like they do with childbirth, actually thinking about it, nobody ever said anything. To be honest, I didn’t even recognise the symptoms at first, how crazy is that! Having never suffered with mental health issues, my first symptom was anxiety. This worsened and brought on panic attacks, chest pains and dizziness. My days became unpredictable as I had no idea how I would feel and what symptoms I would have day to day. I didn’t understand what was going on inside my mind or my body.

I did think I was too young … clearly I’m not!

The change

After several months, I finally identified that I was perimenopausal and looked for solutions. But I couldn’t find one place that had all the information I needed and there was a lot of conflicting advice. It was really frustrating, which heightened my anxiety. Although my family were supportive, I felt an element of failure as I couldn’t overcome the menopausal symptoms, which left me feeling isolated. I dug deep and did months of research and found the answers I needed to feel better. I also recognised that there were so many women in the same position as me, either stumbling into menopause without knowing very much about it, coping with menopause without support or having been through menopause, thinking that was the end to their symptoms. I needed to create that space, provide reliable information, access to resources and tips and advice on how to deal with menopause at home and in the workplace.

So began the creation of Change it Up!

The positive

It’s time to forget about the social negativity surrounding menopause. It’s time to be informed and feel empowered.

Change it up can provide all the information and support you and your business needs to raise awareness of menopause and acknowledge the impact it can have at home and in the workplace. Together we can kick down the barriers and stigma surrounding menopause and give women the confidence to take control of their bodies again.